Productive, Miss America, Slide off the Road

Oh what a day! First off... it snowed about half a foot here in Jackson, TN yesterday! It was gorgeous, but quite the pain in the tooshie to drive around in, especially since I'm in the last stages of prep for my senior show. AHH!!!! There are so many check lists going through my head right now... SO, today I had to be productive.

I made coffee (a terribly vital detail if I plan on having productive day)
I then worked on my take home French final (translating 16 sentences)
I completed all my written essays and letters that are going in my portfolio
Erin, Neal, and I ventured out in the ice covered roads to hunt down some mannequins to use in my show. After an hour in the mall, we had success!
We took our bounty to school where they helped me start hanging up curtains and setting up my show! (not complete yet, but a great start!)
We trekked our way back home, and now I am about to eat some food, watch No Country for Old Men and then probably watch Miss America after that!

I don't think I'll feel bad about going out tonight since I've been so productive! Just hope I don't slide off the road!

Good Morning!

Good morning everyone!

I'm sitting in the coffee shop on campus here at Union University just hanging out till my French class at 10:00. Speaking of class, J-term as been going surprisingly a whole lot better than I had anticipated! I'm actually getting a grasp of French and completing my homework almost as soon as it's assigned (which I never do) I am the queen of procrastination...I must be losing my touch. Well this was a very quick update but I've got to get going! More updates to come!

Au revoir!