Not Scheduled, Indefinitely, Freelance

Good Morning.... so.... it is currently 6:37 am on Thursday morning. By this time I was planning on having Provence (the coffee shop) in the finishing stages of getting ready to open. WELL turns out that when I got here at 5:50.....I wasn't scheduled to open! I'm just sitting here watching the sun get higher and trying to decide what I'm going to do for the rest of the day. It's actually kind of a nice surprise I just can't help but be a little sad I didn't sleep more. oh well!! ;) update for what's been going on!

Nashville has surprisingly started to grow on me, which is a good thing since it looks like I'm going to be here indefinitely. Indefinitely is actually a good word for me in general right now. Nothing is really for sure as far as planning my life goes. I am certain though that everything is going to come together in a much better way than I could ever design, so I'm not stressing!

Working at Provence and Anthropologie is going pretty good! or WELL, as my mother would say. I like Provence a lot (except when I show up when I'm not needed) and I'm just now starting to get the hang of thing at Anthro so yeah...I think I'm in for a good summer.

ALSO I've been able to do some freelance graphic design work for a few of my musician friends already and just got asked to do another "gig" for someone else now! I'm kind of excited about it. The stuff I've made for them has been getting good reviews so maybe my name will get passed around some!

Alrighty....I think I may go grab a bagel at Panera and then maybe do some shopping I feel like all my clothes are falling apart. ha! ok have a good day!!!