Best Birthday Ever

Time is flying by.... I just scanned through my icalendar and saw just how busy and full my schedule has been. It's all been awesome stuff too!

After my last week at Anthropologie I went to Pennsylvania with Andrea so I could spend the week all my sister-in-law's extended family! random huh?! but really so much fun :) Gotta love those Jacobson's!

A few days later....I have the best birthday of my life. LOL It almost sounds like I'm kidding but I'm not! Maybe I should say adult life, though, because my 7th birthday when I got a bike AND puppy surprise was pretty dang sweet. But of my adult life...this one takes the cake! HA! (get it?!)

It seriously was awesome. First started with no expectations or plans for the day... so the night before, Allie, Jessica, Kim, Brandon, and I go out on the boat with our friend Ben in Hendersonville. I had never been on a boat at night and let me tell was GORGEOUS! The moon was huge and reflecting off the water and all the stars were out too... I loved it. So we kicked off my birthday floating on the water and stayed out till about 3 am. I didn't get to bed till 4 but then had to wake up at 5 to go open up Provence. That kind of hurt a little, but then a guy I work with came in at 8 to cover the rest of the day for me since it was my special day! SO after I get off, I meet up with the lovely Ashley Hamilton for a scrumptious brunch and hang out time at Fiddlecakes. Next, it was back out to the lake for me to meet up with my boating crew again from the night before. We go out on the water for some hardcore tubing and sun soaking! Once back on land, we girls went out to eat Chick Fil A for lunch, have a Miley Cyrus shopping spree at Wal-Mart, and take a nap at the house (which would add up to only my 2nd hour of sleep so far). After we all awake it's time to get dolled up for dinner at the Marina including outside deck seating, swooping Christmas lights, and live music....which then turned into Allie joining said live music on stage where I received an AWESOME happy birthday duet! At this point my eyes were already filling up with pure watery happiness just over what a great day and amazing friends I have...thinking my day couldn't get any better.....but it did. We came home to the Buford, I walk in, the lights are off and I think Emily is just having a relaxing evening after she got off work, when I turn the corner to see candlelit cupcakes and all my friends shouting Happy Birthday!!!! There were decorations hanging from the ceiling and walls and the cupcakes were of Princess Tiana! DISNEY! Emily gave me her present which was a case of bottled cream sodas, dark chocolate, AND FRIENDS season 8!!!!! THENNNNNN as if my love tank wasn't already overflowing, they all take me out for a late night showing of "Inception" which was AMAZING.............SO GOOD.

That was where I finished out my last hour of July 20, 2010. I can't get over how great it was. Thanks to my wonderful friends who really knew me well enough to make my day so awesome :) :) :) I'm so pumped about being 23 now. This year is seriously going to be great. I just know.

Beach, Quit, Moved's already been a month since I last updated? insane. goodness I don't even know where to start then....

June 18-27 I was on vacation with the family in Orange Beach, Alabama! I had been looking forward to it for SO long. I loved it. We were in a condo right on the beach overlooking the ocean, so each of my mornings was spent on the balcony watching the sun rise. So good. Unfortunately, the big oil spill had just started to make it's way to that beach, so about halfway through the week a storm really stirred up the water and washed a lot of oil ashore. It was so sad to see. We still had a great time though and everyone enjoyed my board game I made "Kay Family Scene It!"

Being there only reaffirmed in my mind that I want to live on a beach somewhere for at least a short season in my life. We'll see how that works out ;)

After I got back, I resumed work at Provence and Anthropologie....and it really kind of hit me just how much I wasn't enjoying my Anthro job as much as I thought I did. That, plus I've had almost no time to work on any graphic design projects, and Erin wants me to illustrate her children's book that she is writing. So, I decided it was time to go. I'll still be working at Provence and hopefully get a few more hours there, but if I'm wanting my graphic design stuff to go anywhere I need to dedicate more time to it! Which is what I'll do!

Let's see... vacation, quit my job, oh yes, I moved! Yup, Emily and I moved in with Jessica, Allie, and Kim to the Buford house which is about 5 minutes from Provence and right next to downtown Nashville! Cool huh! I currently don't have a bedroom, so my bed is in the living room, but it somehow works! We've all been really having a lot of fun this past week and I think it is going to work out great for us. Plus I just love that I actually live in a house again, I haven't done that since I lived at home!

Things are going pretty dern good. I've really been learning a lot and still have a ton to go. But this time and place I'm at right now couldn't be more perfect :)