Wizard of Oz Weather

Well, I'd love to tell you if the other two hopefuls were strike outs or not...but I just don't know yet!

The Provence job has me baffled cause the guy said he'd let me know in a few days.....that was 4/14 ....I'd say it's been a few days. And as for the elusive grocery gift card.... I'm losing hope.
I've gotten two things in the mail from this place (i'm expecting three) ...both so far are just advertisements and gimmicks to get me to sign up for... 2 strikes for them, they've got one more chance to prove themselves by sending what they promised!

So I think Panera Bread Co. is my new office. Every time I come here I sit and work on my computer for hours. Even though I could do that at my apartment, I somehow feel more productive when I can just get out for a while. I was supposed to work today but they didn't need me... which is probably a good thing since the weather is supposed to get a little sassy here in a bit.... as in "tornadic activity" sassy. I'm not sure how I feel about tornados now. I'm still fascinated by them but hearing a tornado siren will probably always frighten me from
now on since my last bout with wizard of oz weather. (a.k.a....Feb 5, 2008 Union University)

Ha! Well on that cheery note...lol it's just funny because sometimes I DO forget that I was involved in that disaster. It seems so unreal and it just takes crazy weather days like this to remind me again! SO everyone be safe tonight! Heed the warnings and don't open up a new awesome puzzle to work on while you wait out the storm....because if a tornado does hit you most likely won't find those pieces again....trust me. And no...that's not a symbolic metaphor...

Strike One

Strike One....

I didn't get the ABC internship...

so...yeah that's a little bummer.... Of the three things I was hoping would happen this week, this was kind of the big one I was REALLY pushing for. But hey, it's definitely not the end of the world and I actually took it better than I thought I would. I had a nice little moment where as soon as I opened the email I quickly covered the paragraph with my hands, my heart was beating out of control, and even though I was super excited I told myself that if I didn't get it, that would be totally fine and I would just go another direction. SO... new direction it is! :)

We'll see how well I do on the next two pitches....Provence Job and $500.00 grocery gift card... I don't know... I might be striking out....

My friend Danielle applied for it as well and received the same news.... we decided we were over qualified haha. Actually we're both still keen on moving back out to LA and we're just going to use this summer to just work and save money for a hopeful Fall departure! :D

Ghost Buster, Gas Card, Calling


Currently, I am collapsed on my living room floor in front of our open porch doors 1.) because it is gorgeous out today and the cool breeze feels wonderful and 2.) because I am too exhausted to move after putting in 5 hours of intense cleaning at Anthro today.

I had to dusted and mopped and had to use a vacuum strapped to my back like a ghost buster! I'm tired and my hands feel like they lost a layer of skin to some intense pine fresh cleaner, but other than that I really didn't mind it much. Cleaning can be kind of a nice stress reliever! Not that I'm overly stressed right now or anything...

Three exciting news possibilities could happen this week. 1.) I could get hired at Provence (the coffee shop) 2.) I could get called back for the interview in LA and 3.) I might be getting a $500.00 grocery gift card and $80.00 gas card in the mail from this coupon website that appreciates my membership! I know! They really couldn't have randomly selected a more grateful member...to not pay for groceries and gas right now would be a huge blessing! However, I said "might" because I'll believe it when I see it. Don't want to get my hopes up too much.

This is sad to admit but this is the first time in my life that I've actually remotely supported myself financially. I'm being really careful with my money but if I'm hoping on putting any away for savings I'm going to really need that second job. I may get incredibly busy but that's alright for me right now. This time in Nashville is for me to just save and prepare for bigger/better things!

I can't stop thinking about L.A. I miss it so much. I don't even really know why. Even after I remind myself that not all of my old friends will be there and things will be different I'm still excited to just hopefully go back. A "calling" if you will... :)

Ellen in LA Sequel

Hello Everyone!!!

So....here's some potentially exciting news....

I have officially applied for the ABC Production Associates Program! It's this awesome internship that basically like an apprenticeship where I would be shadowing professionals in the television industry, working on TV sets, getting paid, AND it's all in LA!!!! That's right! Ellen could be going back to LA real soon! Ellen in LA sequel! ha!

The application period ends on the 16th and I should know a few days after that if I am called back for an interview in Burbank! Yeah, I'd have to FLY out there for an interview! Crazy huh!?
So perfect though and I'm really feeling God's presence in all this, but we shall definitely wait and see what happens! In the mean time, I'm in Nashville living with my close friends and working at Anthropologie to try and save some money. I'm also interviewing tomorrow for a job at Provence (this kick-a** coffee shop) -how do you know the **'s don't stand for L's??? So things are going pretty stinking well for me right now! I've been able to do some graphic design work on the side for my friends as well, which I love being able to do for them since I have so many amazingly talented friends! I feel good and I really believe I'm at a great spot in my life right now! Ok... enough cheesiness. I'll keep this updated with what happens with the internship! Say a little prayer if you think about it!