Ellen in LA Sequel

Hello Everyone!!!

So....here's some potentially exciting news....

I have officially applied for the ABC Production Associates Program! It's this awesome internship that basically like an apprenticeship where I would be shadowing professionals in the television industry, working on TV sets, getting paid, AND it's all in LA!!!! That's right! Ellen could be going back to LA real soon! Ellen in LA sequel! ha!

The application period ends on the 16th and I should know a few days after that if I am called back for an interview in Burbank! Yeah, I'd have to FLY out there for an interview! Crazy huh!?
So perfect though and I'm really feeling God's presence in all this, but we shall definitely wait and see what happens! In the mean time, I'm in Nashville living with my close friends and working at Anthropologie to try and save some money. I'm also interviewing tomorrow for a job at Provence (this kick-a** coffee shop) -how do you know the **'s don't stand for L's??? So things are going pretty stinking well for me right now! I've been able to do some graphic design work on the side for my friends as well, which I love being able to do for them since I have so many amazingly talented friends! I feel good and I really believe I'm at a great spot in my life right now! Ok... enough cheesiness. I'll keep this updated with what happens with the internship! Say a little prayer if you think about it!


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