Upside down Birds, Shout Out, Good Things

Sitting on the floor of my now, packed-up, Florida bedroom. I am all ready for my big move back home to Tennessee!!!

Speaking of.. yesterday was my last night at my Outback job here in Lakeland, I was telling this one lady about how I was moving back home to Tennessee and she proceeds to say.. "You know why birds fly upside down over Tennessee right?" Knowing I was being baited for something, I could only smile and ask "Why?" She responds, "Because there's nothing worth shitting on there!" Hahahaha I was too shocked to be offended! We laughed and I told her how wonderful it really was there and that's there's plenty worth "shitting on" there in my opinion! (uh you know what I mean...) THEN she said if I'm looking for a nice young man I should look up her nephew, NOT her son mind you, she said he's not very good but her nephew is very nice! haha.... oh I'm going to miss these interesting Lakeland folks. Apparently she is a truck driver and just doesn't like the Nashville traffic (who does?) and therefore dislikes all of Tennessee consequently. I had somehow forgotten about Nashville traffic :/ It's been pretty nice to zip to work in 5 minutes.... probably not going to be the case in Nashy... I'd say being back with all the people I love in exchange for bad traffic is a good trade! ;)

In other news.... I've become obsessed with a video game. This hasn't happened since Donkey Kong Country on super nintendo during snow days. But yes, I'm hooked on Just Dance 2. Don't worry, I'm still just as an atrocious dancer as I was before, but now I have even more motivation and fuel to bust some ballin' moves! HA! It's so much fun and a great little workout too! It HAS to make it's way to the Buford at some point :)

SHOUT OUT to Maggie and Eric who I got to see last week!!! It was soooo good :) I love them and am so thankful for real friendships that can pick up right where they left off! AND for real friends that actually read my blog! ha!

Well... I would say I need to go so that I can pack, but I'm basically all done! You know what that means? I ready to come home :) Before that though, I'm completely excited about this week! Good things are yet to come!