Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's Christmas Eve!!!

Probably one of the best days of the year in my opinion! I tell you what, I have REALLY been enjoying my Christmas break this year! Some past years thing have just been really slow and boredom gets the best of me so I begin to feel like I'm not having a good time. This year, though, ever since I got back from LA I've been running all over the place meeting up with friends and spreading out the Christmas cheer! I think it also helps that I didn't get to do too many Christmas thing too early. I really didn't start to get in the spirit till about December 12. The only bummer part is how much I miss my LA friends. I just have to keep reminding myself that we're all going to see each other again!
Now I'm laying in bed, just waking up, and excited about Christmas Eve today! I've got a lot to do clean my room and finish a present. But for now I think I will go downstairs, grab a bagel and some coffee, and sit in front of the fire!
It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Speaking Of....

I am back in Sparta, TN....

WHEW! What a journey! Basically my dad had a hankering to drive non-stop last Friday and make it to Jackson, TN at about 6:00 a.m. I was plum tuckered out! But speaking of "plum", after a couple days in Jackson, then a quick trip to Chattanooga, then North Carolina, I am finally home on PLUM Creek Road experiencing my picturesque Christmas atmosphere that I was so desperately missing while I was in L.A. Christmas just didn't feel the same at all out there! But now...I just baked a batch of Christmas cookies, got my music playing in the background, Christmas lights all around, a stack of cards I've been writing by my side, a cup of coffee to my right, mom still decorating, and dad watching football. This is exactly how I was imagining my time at home would be!
Unfortunately all this Christmas card writing made me a little sad, because they were all to my buddies that I had to leave in L.A. That was seriously the toughest part about leaving. I was personally over the program by the time it was time to leave...but leaving my friends was torture. It's okay though! We're going to have a reunion at some point! And now I know people from all over the country!
Tomorrow is my bestie's, Amelia, graduation! YAY congratulations Amelia! Speaking of graduations...I guess I kind of graduated too! Last week my name was on the program at Union's Winter graduation as Dorothy Ellen Kay - Expected January graduate! That's right! After one quick J-term I will be DONE!!! Don't ask me what's next after that....cause I'm not so sure right now... But that's alright! I'm staying pretty open with my options and I like it like that!

All my Bags Are Packed I'm NOT Ready to Go....

Oh man....
I don't think I ever let out this many depressing moans in one day....
I KNOW I've been whining this whole time about being home for Christmas and I literally can't wait! But....I don't know if I can handle leaving everyone here. It's not fair to throw a bunch of strangers together for a semester, let them become amazing friends, and then make them all move separate ways. It stinks.
So I've been packing all day. This will be my very last blog as Ellen in L.A. I think I might try to keep up with this whole blog thing even after I leave. It's kind of a nice way to document and inform people at the same time. I just don't know what it will be called now....Ellen in Sparta? Ellen in Nashville? Jackson? Minneapolis? Seattle? L.A? Who knows....
Last night was our big premiere for CANDY! It went super well and I am incredibly proud of our film! Everyone really liked it! I can't wait to show it at school at my senior show (which everyone should come to! It's going to be Feb. 1-5 and I think my reception will be on the 4th. Mark your calenders!
In other good news....all the BITE episodes have been edited and completed. Now the producers will gradually release more trailers, pictures, behind the scenes clips, and then the episodes! I'm really curious to see the response....
Well I have to run! Last minute errands you see before our final banquet tonight!

Pam and Ed, Vampire Pun, IMDB

Alright....this is going to be one of my last blogs as ellen in L.A... sad I know...but happy because Pam and Ed are coming to town tonight!!! YAY! They were supposed to be here around 2:45 but there was really bad traffic on the way to the airport so they got's ok though cause now I just have more time to clean!

I feel like I haven't accumulated TOO much stuff over the semester so hopefully it won't be too packed in the car ride back. It all depends on how much mom packs... we could be in trouble.
So, tomorrow is our last day of filming for "BITE". We've gotten a HUGE response on our youtube page. It's really funny because some people comment that they're excited and that it looks great, then there's those that just flat out say it's going to suck. (haha no vampire pun there) I really don't mind comments like that. In fact I'd rather prefer that there were more negative ones so that way we can only impress people and not disappoint the ones with high expectations! People should realize though, that we're not going for high quality entertainment here....just a funny webisode series....that's all.
Our big premiere for our Hollywood Production Workshop films is this Tuesday night! I'm really excited! CANDY has turned out even better than I anticipated! Our teachers are super impressed with it and said it will most likely do really well in festivals and even get us IMDB credit. ME?!! on IMDB!?!? AWESOME!!! (that stands for...Internet Movie DataBase) I'm going to be proud to bring CANDY home and premiere at my senior show and call it mine!
Alright, I'm going to go clean some more I suppose.... I'll try to update again soon before I'm gone... :(