Speaking Of....

I am back in Sparta, TN....

WHEW! What a journey! Basically my dad had a hankering to drive non-stop last Friday and make it to Jackson, TN at about 6:00 a.m. I was plum tuckered out! But speaking of "plum", after a couple days in Jackson, then a quick trip to Chattanooga, then North Carolina, I am finally home on PLUM Creek Road experiencing my picturesque Christmas atmosphere that I was so desperately missing while I was in L.A. Christmas just didn't feel the same at all out there! But now...I just baked a batch of Christmas cookies, got my music playing in the background, Christmas lights all around, a stack of cards I've been writing by my side, a cup of coffee to my right, mom still decorating, and dad watching football. This is exactly how I was imagining my time at home would be!
Unfortunately all this Christmas card writing made me a little sad, because they were all to my buddies that I had to leave in L.A. That was seriously the toughest part about leaving. I was personally over the program by the time it was time to leave...but leaving my friends was torture. It's okay though! We're going to have a reunion at some point! And now I know people from all over the country!
Tomorrow is my bestie's, Amelia, graduation! YAY congratulations Amelia! Speaking of graduations...I guess I kind of graduated too! Last week my name was on the program at Union's Winter graduation as Dorothy Ellen Kay - Expected January graduate! That's right! After one quick J-term I will be DONE!!! Don't ask me what's next after that....cause I'm not so sure right now... But that's alright! I'm staying pretty open with my options and I like it like that!


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