Pam and Ed, Vampire Pun, IMDB

Alright....this is going to be one of my last blogs as ellen in L.A... sad I know...but happy because Pam and Ed are coming to town tonight!!! YAY! They were supposed to be here around 2:45 but there was really bad traffic on the way to the airport so they got's ok though cause now I just have more time to clean!

I feel like I haven't accumulated TOO much stuff over the semester so hopefully it won't be too packed in the car ride back. It all depends on how much mom packs... we could be in trouble.
So, tomorrow is our last day of filming for "BITE". We've gotten a HUGE response on our youtube page. It's really funny because some people comment that they're excited and that it looks great, then there's those that just flat out say it's going to suck. (haha no vampire pun there) I really don't mind comments like that. In fact I'd rather prefer that there were more negative ones so that way we can only impress people and not disappoint the ones with high expectations! People should realize though, that we're not going for high quality entertainment here....just a funny webisode series....that's all.
Our big premiere for our Hollywood Production Workshop films is this Tuesday night! I'm really excited! CANDY has turned out even better than I anticipated! Our teachers are super impressed with it and said it will most likely do really well in festivals and even get us IMDB credit. ME?!! on IMDB!?!? AWESOME!!! (that stands for...Internet Movie DataBase) I'm going to be proud to bring CANDY home and premiere at my senior show and call it mine!
Alright, I'm going to go clean some more I suppose.... I'll try to update again soon before I'm gone... :(


The Illuminated Flame said...

WHAT?! no fair! I want to be on IMDB!

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