Ellen's Great List of the Future

Hi everybody!

Brace yourself...this may be a long blog...

SO! I went to Vegas for Thanksgiving! It was so weird to not be home. I really missed it but me and my friends made the best of it! We all got up and watched the parade and Home Alone. Then we dove into the kitchen and made our own T-Day dinner like big kids! I made the mashed potatoes. :) After that we went and explored VEGAS! It's exactly like you would imagine it to be. Big and flashy. I felt like I was in an episode of CSI. We only got to walk around the Strip one night so I didn't get to see a ton of stuff BUT I did catch the fountain show that was playing to Christmas music. I really liked it.

We left Saturday morning and drove back to LA. As soon as we pulled up I had to book it to go to a film shoot for our webisode series, BITE. We started filming at this small coffee shop in San Pedro at about 7:00 and then worked there till about 1:00. It was a very productive and great night but I WAS EXHAUSTED especially when we had a call time the next morning at 6 am!

One of our producers (and my friend) Kelsey Navarro has been making a documentary about Twilight fans over the past year and has made some great connections in the process. So the other night we had a few of said "great connections" come and make some cameos in a few episodes. His name is Kaleb Nation and his friends Madea and Annie came too. They were all really fun to work with but get this.....Kaleb is a published author and practically a celebrity in the Twilight fan-dom. He is known as the Twilight Guy (twilightguy.com) He's a writer so he went through all the series and then broke down each chapter and told it from a guy's perspective. People loved it and now he has a HUGE following on the internet. SO since he came and was in our shoot he did a video blog about it and posted it on his site and then provided a link to our BITE page on youtube and within ONE day of posting his blog we now have nearly 700 subscribers to our channel and almost 2,000 views of our little teaser trailer that we made.....this is insane.... I'M THE MAIN ACTRESS FOR ALL THIS!!!!! oh my goodness. I had no idea it would take off this quickly.... I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all this. The thing is....I'm not trying to sound cocky or anything...but this COULD really take off. I know the teaser doesn't give you much to chew on right now...but after everything we filmed Friday and then all day Saturday I feel like any fan that remotely loves vampires will enjoy what we've made. hahaha...oh dear.... :)

Also...don't be startled but I dyed my hair! It's pretty dark...so I guess if you want to see it you better go check out our BITE page... it's youtube.com/bitetheshow

In other news... this is my last week at my internship. It's crazy....time has just really flown by. I've really enjoyed working with the people here and apparently they've enjoyed working with me too since they told me to seriously give them a call if I move to LA so we could discuss job opportunities. :) I guess there's another possibility to add to Ellen's Great List of the Future!



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