Bakes Potato, Ellen, Relax

Ahh.....I'm doing much better :)

It's amazing what a baked potato can do for one's morale....
So, there's still a lot of work that needs to be done to pull "CANDY" together, but I think it's going to work. I'm gaining my optimism again. :) Also, I've seen the footage and it looks pretty stinkin' good.... hooray!
Another thing to pep me up is my amazing friend, Danielle, invited me to go to the "Ellen Show" with her tomorrow! YAY! It's funny, I've grown up always kind of hating Ellen because people would call me Ellen DeGeneres and I didn't like that. But now I'm just excited about to be going to a show! I haven't been a part of a live audience yet and I'm really pumped now! Maybe she'll give everyone in the audience some gifts! or just me! because my name is Ellen too!
Wow, I just realized I legitimately have a little bit of free time! Maggie and I are going to hear Tony Lucca tonight at the Hotel Cafe. It's supposed to be a nice chill concert that she got free tickets to but it doesn't start till 9 and it's only 7:18 so I've got some time to RELAX!! oh, this is nice...
Well, everyone, I love you all and thank you for being so encouraging especially over the past couple days. I really needed that. :)


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