Top of the World

"I"m on the top of the world lookin down on creation and the only explanation I can find is the love that I've found ever since you've been around, your love's put me at the top of the world..."

I suppose you could say I'm feeling completely different than I was on last Monday. It's kind of scary how drastically my moods can change, but there a few reasons I'm feeling better....let me explain:

First off, I'M DONE FILMING CANDY!!!!!!! YAY! Don't get me wrong I LOVED working on pre-production stuff, making all the costumes, and pulling everything together, but on the set is stressful. It's okay though cause now I'm done! This past week was basically my finals week and it's only the middle of November! Now I've got about a month to only worry about my internship and one class and nothing else other than sides projects me and my friends are wanting to do. YES!

Secondly, I mentioned before that I went to the Ellen Show. It was a lot of fun! I loved watching all the producers and production people running around making sure that everything runs smoothly. PLUS we had AWESOME seats! Second row on the aisle, we were about 20 feet away from Ellen. Because of our amazing seats there was a camera pretty much right in front of us. That plus our kick butt dance moves earned us the privilege of being singled out by said camera dude who took his camera off the tripod and pointed it right at my face! I haven't seen the episode yet (airs today) but my friend back home just texted me and said I was on tv! Sweet!

Thridly, tonight I get to see pretty much my all time favorite musical artist IMOGEN HEAP IN CONCERT!!! I can't wait! She seems so super cool! She's been a little sick though so I'm praying she'll be alright, not only for tonight you know but in general as well! :)

Fourthly, to top everything off... MY FAMILY IS COMING TO TOWN THIS WEEK!!!! I have the BEST brothers and sisters possible! They're all coming out to visit me in LA! YAY!!!! I've been missing them all so much and now they're actually going to be here! I just have to think of some cool things for us to do!

Basically I'm doing pretty good. And to top everything off, my dad keeps sending my text pics of a litter of kittens at our house that I get to see in about a month. I love kittens.

- 5 points to anyone that can name the band that sings the lyrics at the top of this post. (erin you are excluded from this contest...)


Mom said...

Carpenters!! Hey Ellen! I grew up loving them. Amelia even gave me a couple of their CDs a few years ago. LOL

Sounds like you are having a great time in LA. It will be great to see you in Dec.

Joe said...

Imogen heap eh? hmmm....sounds like it'd be a good show. :)

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