Fall 09 Graduate, Twi-Hard, Lights and Display Contest!?!

I have had a very productive day (a Mitch day if you will) here in my 5x5 cubicle at work...

I started the day off by creating my new concoction of single serving sized Tennetea. For those of you that don't know, Tennetea is the new term for exceptionally delicious sweet tea. A recent hit here in LA amongst my circle of friends. So! I made the tea, came to my spot and turned on some Christmas music via pandora.com, then I got to work emailing and also doing a few projects for my boss.
So, in the midst of my Christmas jamboree I receive an email from the registrar at Union. This is a big deal since I just sent her a major email the other day explaining how I wasn't very happy with Union since no one was helping figure out a solution to a French class that I need in order to graduate after numerous emails to various people and months of waiting. SO I was a little apprehensive to open this email... I click on it...and it is nothing but good news! She's arranged for me to take FRE 112 as an independent study over January-term so that way I'll be DONE by February and still considered a FALL 09 graduate! YAY!!!! Thank you Lord! So, then I sent some more emails about registering for said class and such. Then I also bought a ticket to go see New Moon with my friends this Friday! I'm pretty excited. I'm definitely not a crazy Twi-Hard but I am still excited to see it!
Then I went on to write out a list of things I want to get accomplished this December once I get home. I've decided I want to go out more and do things with my family. We all like to stay home and just relax with everyone, which is perfect!, but I also think we should try to mix in a few more activities. Like maybe throw a Christmas party, or go see the Nutcracker in Nashville, or some Christmas lights festival. When you go out, home just seems all the more sweet. Which is definitely something I've learned this semester.


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