New Moon, Frog, Christmas

Good Morning!

I should have read my last post because I honestly can't remember what I talked about and therefore what to talk about now! Oh well...I'll wing it. Sorry if I repeat myself.

I believe I mentioned before my frustrations with a sassy French 112 class that wasn't wanting to fit into my dwindling college career, but while John and Andrea were here they helped me muster up some courage and just email the main registrar at Union.....yup....just remembered I already told this....hahaha shoot. Well you all know it's a happy ending! So now I get to graduate! HAHA oops!

MOVING ON! I'm going to L.A. for the semester to go to a film studies program...haha j/k....

Let me think of something new....I went to see "New Moon" at the Grove the other day! I'm no Twi-Hard but I definitely liked it! I need to watch it again though just to make sure it was the movie entertaining me and not all the insane fans in there that would nearly bust out in tears every time one of the actors took off his shirt.

Another movie I'm completely excited about is "The Princess and the Frog"!!! It comes out December 11th! (the day after my program ends out here) so I'll already be on the road home. That's alright though. I told my sister that I want to watch it with her anyways!

I'm getting so excited about Christmas! I feel like every time I close my eyes I just see my home in Sparta in all it's Christmas glory. I can't wait to be there. Even though I've been already listening to Christmas music a little bit, tonight is going to especially get me pumped up for the Season....they're lighting an enormous Christmas tree in the Grove tonight. It is HUGE! There's also apparently going to be lots of entertainment and such, like Cirque Du Soliel! I really hope we get to sing some carols too. They're my favorite. I'm trying a new thing this year...really listening to the words in Christmas carols. They're beautiful. It's hard to really listen to them since you already know them so well, but if you think about them they're really touching.

Oh! I forgot to mention....we've started filming our webisode series! The story is still about a coffee shop but instead of coffee they sell blood and instead of baristas they are bloodistas and instead of human workers, they're vampires. Haha, I know what you all are thinking "she just said she wasn't a Twi-Hard" I'm not! This is a spoof of Twilight! We shot some last week and then all day yesterday. It was super fun! I got do a lot of action and running through a park! I've already seen some of the footage and it looks pretty sweet... I can't wait till they're done and we start to air them! Stay tuned for details...


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