Their Visit...

Alrighty...a little bit of updating to do.

So, it sort of turned into a bitter sweet week for me. At first, I was super happy about all the things that I had previously mentioned in the blog before, mainly being that my family was going to come out and visit me for the weekend. However, through a sad turn of events, I found out Wednesday night that Erin and Neal wouldn't be able to come due to a tragedy of their own. My brother John and his wife Andrea were still planning on coming out though and they did on Wednesday evening. After walking a couple laps around LAX we finally met up! I brought them back to Park La Brea where my lovely friends had dinner waiting for us! Aren't they great!? Unfortunately John and Andrea were completely exhausted because their clock is three hours ahead and might have come across as big duds. hahaha i'm just kidding guys! They liked you! I think.... :) Thursday, I took them to class with me then we hit up the Grove where we walked around for a bit and had Pinkberry for the first time. They LOVED it! Then we drove out that evening to Costa Mesa to stay with Debbie and Greg. Friday we rode bikes down to Newport beach where we took a little nap while watching some surfers then we came back and Debbie and Greg had started making a Thanksgiving dinner for us since I won't be able to have one at home! It was so good! Then Saturday we went out to Huntington Beach and watched a surfing competition and had a great lunch a Ruby's. They have the BEST milkshakes ever!!! Next we went and saw 2012 (it was pretty epic) and finally came back for some r&r and dinner at the house. We drove back to LA this morning and I took them to Ecclesia, a church I've been going to since I've been out here. Then we met up with my friends at In N Out for lunch which was good but we're still completely full from all the food we've had this weekend so now we're all feeling a little queasy....Then we toured around LA a bit and now I think I've worn them out because they keep on collapsing on my bed. But that's alright :)
Well they keep on interrupting me so I'm having troubling concentrating...haha....I better go entertain them some more! Erin and Neal, I love you guys so much. I've been thinking about you a lot. I'm praying for you and still can't wait to see you when I get home!


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