Entry # 10

March 6, 2001

Sorry I haven't talked to you not really sure who I'm directing this "you" to... in such a long time, well wait a second it's not my fault it's Bryan's because he's the one who isn't talking to me. Anyway, today I just so happen got a chance to look into Coach Fair's room and see him right, Ellen, right...just so happen to stalker-ishly stick my head in a full classroom and stare at the guy and to my surprise (actually not) Anonymous Girl was sitting by him talking to him. She may go to my church and act all sweet but at school I think she's a little bit too sweet with the boys, cause she's always's jumping from one boy to another. Well I better go. Woah Ellen...woah...I just bashed a girl from my own church because she was just talking to the boy. It's probably a good thing then that this is my last post about Bryan Simmons cause things sounded like they could've gotten ugly!

Yes, this is the last post. Strangely enough.... Bryan never asked me out. I can't really imagine why.... (sarcasm...just to clarify) We went to high school, he went the cool football route and I joined Band. LOL I honestly can't imagine a bigger dork than I was (am). But I am actually so happy that's the way everything happened. I love looking back now at my unfortunately awkward adolescence. That is what has made me into the person I am now. And even though I may think I'm above these quirky/embarrassing incidents now....I'm not....I'm not. My life if plagued with them, but I guess that keeps things interesting. Maybe I'll write another blog in 10 years about all the things that are happening to me now and have a good laugh again... Maybe.


Anonymous said...

please keep sharing! I love these stories! :) I honestly think that girls everywhere can relate to this. I know i can certainly think back on some of my awkward middle school moments with a mixture of humor and horror. ;) love it. thank you for sharing! :)

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