Entry # 5

Jan. 15, 2001

My 2nd encounter with Bryan. If Bryan were some sort of never-before studied, rare bird, I would probably be famous for my meticulous log detailing each encounter...alas...Bryan is not a bird. Poor boy. I was on my way to class walking behind him bad stalker habit then I got in front of him and I saw this little wodded up gum wrapper fly past me, so I turn around and he smiled and waved at me. ...You know, I will say... to any other girl this could've been taken as encouragement that he is....well.... interested as well and perhaps casual conversation could take place next time I saw him. But no no no, I had to continue my distanced/weirdo romance instead having any sort of attempt at normalcy. Stomache doing summer saults, couldn't hold still during class. I'm trying to remember what exactly this was like... was I just fidgeting? was I shaking convulsively? Or maybe I didn't "hold still" in class because I was too busy looking for that blessed gum wrapper in the hallway.... wouldn't doubt it.


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