Entry # 1 and # 2

Here is my first entry I once wrote into my little Winnie the Pooh journal. I think it should be noted right off that each post begins with "Dear Journal", a Bible verse, and of course the date. Very important.

Romans 5:8-9
Sat. may 29, 99
Dear Journal,

It's so much fun having a Journal because you can tell al of you're thoughts and what happened that day. Well today it start off pretty normal, I was laying down in my bed and I looked at my clock it was 9:25 usually I wake up at like 10:00 or so but right then I decided to go on a health and exercise diet. For breakfast I had a yogurt and some juice then a couple hourse later I got in the pool and layed on a mat for about 30 min. and got a tan. Next I got up and made a current and got some exersize. Then I had a P&J sandwhich for lunch. Next I went to Aunt Carol's house and played on a huge pile of sand then came home took a shower and here I am now. Yes, it was fun keeping a journal that I could divulge all my deepest secrets to...OR just write down a play by play of my day (very exciting). So obviously it is the beginning of Summer, and I am apparently pretty bored which is why I probably decided to start the journal. I WILL say, things do begin to pick up, which is why I am going to include a bonus ENTRY # 2 today!

1 John 1:8-9
Sun, May 30, 99
Dear Journal,

Last Monday I got a new Sunday outfit with hat and shoes, I got it because I'm growing out of all my other dresses. I always want to look my best on Sundays because that is the day I see my beloved one.WHAT THE!?!?! The guy I like is extreamly handsom and very nice but that's not the only reason I like him. I like him because he goes to church and is a christian. A beautiful and inspiring detailed description there of my apparent beloved one. You guessed it (!?!) the one and only Ray Stewart. Not to be confused with Hannah Montana's dad The only problem is that he's in the 10th grade and I'm in the 6th that's a four year age differance. But Momma said that it sounds like a big age differance now but when we get older it doesn't really matter. I wish I had written down more "Momma said"-isms. I just pray that if nothing is going to happen between us that he'll think of me as a really good friend and not some crazy litle girl who has a crush on him. This Saturday John brother, Erin sister, and I are leaving to go to Centurfuge, it's a youth camp. so I pray that we'll have a safe trip up there and that I won't get homesick. I also want to pray for Erin cause she's at girl state and the night she got there she called and told us that she was already homesick so I just lift her to you. Pretty sure I meant that part to God. Well I'm kinda getten sleepy so I better go. See-ya!

Dear Brett (Ray) Stewart...haha I am so sorry you were apparently "my beloved one" as a child. Please continue to be friends with John and don't shun the rest of us Kay's after this :) Tell your family I said hi!


Ashley said...

haha!! this is great!! :) I'm looking forward to more Ellen in middle school! :)

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