Entry # 3

Romans 12:1

Sun. Aug. 22, 99
Dear Journal,

Today after church there was a picnic at the fire hall and John, Ray, and I were playing pool upstairs. Then this kid came up to Ray and said (is she your girlfriend?) and he was talking about me but Ray said (no) I have no actual memory of this. I was wanting to say of course he is but that wouldn't of been apropriate so I'm glad I didn't yeah good call of judgement there, Ellen. Tomorrow is the firt whole day of school and I'm glad. I'm ready for school to start up again it's amazing how differently I feel about school now. Well I better be gettin to bed because it's already 10:30 so goodnight at some point I wonder if I will ever add that elusive G to "gettin".

Alright, so this is about the extent of my deeply romantic relationship with Ray Stewart. The entries about Ray mysteriously end in the journal. Even though it wasn't written down, I do actually remember how this crush came to a halt. It was at a high school basketball game, John and Ray were in the pit band section. I came up to the stands (most likely from John's point of view) to interfere as much as I can in his teen life. I of course sneak over to pay a visit to Ray. Earlier that evening I had just found a little purse that I hadn't used in a long time, I brought it to the game with me probably as an attempt to look more mature. So back to the game, Ray sees my purse/wallet thing and says "Cool can I see it?" OF course I agree and as he flips through my pictures inside....he sees in plain view.....a pink heart covered note with his name scribbled all over it!!!!!!! He just looked up at me with a confused face, at least I think it was because the next few moments were a blur of me snatching the wallet, sprinting past the bleachers, and staying in the girls bathroom until the end of the game. Alas...my fondness for Ray could not withstand my mortification. As I shredded up that little note my crush was flushed down the toilet that night.....so dramatic. Happily now, after a few years, we are still good friends! Sorry again, Ray, you unfortunately were the first chapter. With the beginning of the new school year however....my heart took a new direction.... stay tuned.


Twixter Two said...
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KelseyDN said...

Ellen, I love you.

You have inspired me.

I just may post an entry or two on my blog. We shall see. :)

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