Entry # 8

Jan. 18, 2001

Ok this is the CLOSEST I guess you could say I have ever gotten to him. Listen. Ok, I told Amelia & Aiko to save me a seat at the pep rally so they did in the sort of "popular section" "mod" so I was sitting there staring at Bryan a couple rows behind me a couple rows BEHIND ME!!! what the heck, Ellen!!! and then all of a sudden he got up, walked down the stairs, came over and sat down right next to me. Then some of his friends came up and tell him to scoot over (away from me) but he just scoots closer to me like butt to butt and let his friends pass by for a girl that rejoiced over getting hit with a gum wrapper and being called a loser, I would pay money to see my face at this point. And during the pep rally we talked a little and he asked me, if I liked his socks and I said, "oh yeah"stimulating conversation. And so that was sooo totally awesome said like a true middle schooler. Tonight was the dance which was a flop as usual this "as usual" implies past dance tragedies....*please reference below... I went a bit early to the game and I had more fun there then at the dance. I'm not going to anymore dances unless I have a date.

*In the spirit of revisiting Homecoming Dances.... here's a recap of my 6th grade Homecoming Dance. My very first Middle School "big kid" dance. I had been sitting in the bleachers most of the night in my denim/floral dress, dreaming of how great it would be if someone would come ask me to dance and staring a the cluster of "cool" kids dominating the middle of the gym floor. After a couple hours, I was saying goodbye to a group of my friends about to go wait outside for my dad to pick me up, when a girl runs up and says that this boy, Dallas, was wanting to ask me to dance but was too shy. I look at the clock on the wall knowing dad would be waiting, a new song suddenly starts playing, and I decide to take off running through the crowd to find Dallas and get my dance. Dallas had been an old crush from elementary school, so my time had finally come! My messenger friend, ran up with a new message that my dad was waiting for me. I was weighing the options... risk dad's anger? or get my first dance? Suddenly a crowd parts and I see Dallas across the gym. He smiles at me... I smile back. Mid-step towards his direction, my wrist is grabbed and I'm whipped around to see my father's angry face and a lecture in the middle of the dance about how long he had been waiting, my irresponsibility, and how I'm never supposed to go anywhere without a wrist watch anymore.... people were starring and I was mortified....and nope... I never got that dance.

Next time I see a middle school kid...I'm just going to give them a hug... Middle School is tough! Poor dad just forgot that night.


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