Entry # 7

Jan. 17, 2001

Today was the day we performed the Christmas Play for the 8th grade first off, why were we performing the Christmas play in January???. So, before we performed me and my friend I believe this might be my first reference to, my now best friend, Amelia! But more on that later... were roaming the halls and we walked past the computer room and I looked in there and saw him HIM.. read it with the most whimsical and romantic air possible cause that's probably how I wrote it and he was looking at me. Then when we walked by again and again and again, again, again... I looked at him and him and Matt C. were smiling and looking at me i'll give myself credit for always thinking positively, however I can probably guarantee they weren't commenting on how cute me and my stalker ways were. Next when we were fixing to haha "fixing to" start the play I was looking for him and I saw him sitting alone being absolutly adorable, but then he moves and was practicly sitting on Hannah H.'s lap! So that kind of deflated my balloon, and I forgot to tell you that last night he was sitting beside her at the ballgame which i of course noticed since I "couldn't take my eyes off him"! So I am beginning to wonder. Anyway tomorrow night is the homecoming dance and I bought a ticket so now what I need to know is if Bryan is going if he isn't then I will be so totally disapointed. I'm thinking about telling him I like him or telling Kyle P. I like Bryan and maybe he could help me. I don't Know!!! telling the most popular loud-mouth in the whole school your secret is never a good idea... almost as bad as Ariel going to Ursula for a pair of legs.

Oh dear.... if this were a movie, this would be the part where everything is going wrong, OH! Like "Pretty in Pink"!!! Except instead of the rich-ies and the poor kids, it's the normal-ies and the weird/obsessive-ies. I can see it now though.... there's some great 80's rock music playing, I'm sitting in my pink bedroom sketching out dress ideas for the Homecoming dance, a shot of my sketch shows a tear drop fall on the page, Duckie (played by Amelia) calls to cheer me up, but I don't answer.... SO epic...


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