Senior Show, No School, Nashville

I love writing on this blog! Simply because I have no idea if anyone is reading it! Oh well! I shall continue to periodically update anyway!

So...these past couple weeks have been HUGE for me. The weekend before last I was frantically running around trying to get my senior show at Union completely set up before the gallery opened on Monday...well I set it up with the help of my wonderful sister and brother in law! After that I had to pump up my portfolio for my big oral critique with the professors. I was terribly nervous since I just don't really do well in front of a crowd especially talking about myself. went GREAT! They loved my show and had nothing but great things to say about it and my portfolio! I was really really proud and happy!

My show stayed up all week and in the mean time I found out I got an A in my French II class that I was also taking over j-term. All this basically meant....I AM DONE with school forever...
I can't believe it. I'm finally done!! No homework!!! ah...such a good feeling :)

I just drove back to Sparta this afternoon, where I am going to re-pack and then head off to Nashville to live with my besties Ashley and Emily!!! The plan is to just get a job that I can save money with because I would love to eventually go back to L.A. MAYBE even by this summer!!

There are a lot of possibilities floating around right now but I like it like that! I am excited!


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