Decaf, Pouty-face, Mini-Vacay

Good morning from Lakeland, Florida!

I am partially caffeinated up right now... I say partially because lately I've been drinking DECAF! Unbelievable I know! Again, I said partially because I like to cheat and do half decaf half regular, only in the mornings! ;)

Soo.... I'm moving. Yes yes...back to Nashville :) I'm very excited about this. I feel like I was on some sort of sabbatical. But now I'm coming back!

(NOTE: Dunkin' Donuts does NOT give refills on their coffee....odd.... I guess that's what I get for sneaking that half cup of regular coffee in today!)

So, I told my work the other day that I was moving. They were actually surprisingly really bummed! I just thought no one really noticed me there, but now that I'm moving everyone is all pouty faced and telling me how much they'll miss me..... odd.... just like Dunkin' Donuts' no refills. :) ha!
I just downloaded Phoenix's "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" yesterday. They're awesome. Just my sort of music to listen to reach optimal productiveness while working on my computer! Next up....Florence + the Machine.

Tax refund dollars should come in tomorrow! That's exciting since I've never filed for taxes before! I'm a BIG girl now! I even shop with coupons now! I'm SUCH an adult ;P

I've got the next two days off from work... I'm contemplating going some where and staying the night. Maybe St. Petersburg and Clearwater? I hear they're both pretty sweet places! Just might do it! I've never taken a mini vacation by myself!


Amelia said...

You should go to St. Augustine! I've been wanting to go should check it out and tell me if it's worthwhile ha ha. :-) Glad you're doing well! Miss ya!

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