Getting Started

Well, here I go.

Today is July 21, 2009. The day after my 22nd birthday. I suppose
now is a good time to start documenting preparation phase of my
epic trip to L.A.

That's right! For for those that don't know, I will be going to Los
Angeles Film Studies Center for the entire Fall semester. It's a
program through Union University and was an option B for Film
Studies minors. I didn't ever think that option B applied to me, but
then God kept on bringing it to my attention and had to be extremely
obvious before I finally caught on that that is where I'm supposed to go!
So, now I have 4 weeks from tomorrow before me and my best friend,
Amelia, hit THE road of all roads... Route 66! We're going old school
to Los Angeles, CA all the way from little ol' Sparta, TN.
A round of applause for Amelia who is going to drive ALL the way out
there with me and then fly back! *clap*clap*clap* What a pal!

So basically, this small town girl is going to LA. I'm not really sure how
I'm going to survive but it is going to be great! This blog will probably
be full with lots of great accounts of me embarrassing myself in front of
famous people, or getting lost in the jungle of traffic, but also hopefully
of some great things that will happen while I'm out there!

Ellen in Sparta


Amelia said...

Route 66!!!! I'm super pumped!! I'm also excited that you decided to start a blog! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures in the big city. :-) Love ya!


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