Missing Autumn

When I look out my window here in Sparta all I see is green. The color is emphasized even more today by the gentle rainfall that started early this morning. I'll miss it.

I also had the thought the other day how I won't get to see the amazing transformation of Summer to Autumn, my favorite season. Thoughts like these worry me that I'll get homesick easily, but I know it is totally worth the experience.

One of my closest friends, Ashley Schreiber, is going to Poland for two years!
If that's not enough inspiration to get me through one semester in L.A. I don't know what is! Actually I do. It's all my friends and family that have encouraged me to push myself and go in the first place. They're proud of me, I can tell, and that gives me determination and motivation.

Haha I'm really not as depressed about going as this blog may sound! I'm just being contemplative. I think because I realize what a big, potentially life-changing experience this will be for me. I think I'm ready...


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