Home Alone, Harry Potter, and Speedometers

This is it....don't get scared now...(haha home alone)

But seriously it's getting close to go time!
Today was a breakthrough.... it finally kicked in that I was going. Me and mom had a good talk about the future and things. I also had a good conversation with Amelia today at Rock Island, a great place to go and gather your thoughts. We were also fortunate enough to be the first to congratulate a newly engaged couple there on the rocks in front of the falls! So sweet!

So, the pile has begun on the side of my bedroom that will consist of everything I will take to LA. So far I have my bed sheets, blanket, towels, textbooks, slippers, camera, wand, and owl. (haha)

Tomorrow puts a damper on my packing progress since I'll have to spend FOUR hours in driving school for my silly speeding ticket -hmph...

However, tomorrow evening, I get to see my dear friends Ashley, Jordan, and Courtney! It's been so long! It'll be a nice pick me up after relearning how to read a speedometer all day :|


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