How to Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out

So, that last post wasn't a real update...more like me just freaking out when I found out and needed to tell some people.

Last week was amazing. I'm REALLY liking it out here in L.A. The people that are teaching the school are all really great. I think when people say Christians in Hollywood, most people think of them making movies like "Fireproof" and "Facing the Giants", which are fine movies, but that's not what we're working towards. We're aiming to be intertwined into the film industry and share a lifestyle that is completely different than what they're used to.

I feel my eyes being opened and accepting where I used to judge and more importantly I feel a need for me to be out here, which is weird for me.

There was a couple that came and spoke to us the other morning about "How to Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out". This couple just oozed love and they talked about how so many people in Hollywood latch onto them just because they want someone to care. It's sad. A lot of Hollywood-ians become so bitter against Christians since all they ever hear about them is just another protest to a movie or letters saying they're going to Hell. It's not effective. In fact stuff like that is crushing what Christians out here are working towards.

ANYWAY...what I'm trying to say is that I'm already learning a lot, and I'm liking it a whole lot out here...maybe too much. :)


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