Today was a big day.

I had my first L.A. interview. True it was only with one of the staff members that helps us decide which places to apply for, but still, it was an interview. I felt good about it! I'll be applying at two places. One is called Film Roman. They work in 2D animation on shows like King of the Hill and the Simpsons. Not that I'm a huge fan of either but still it would be neat to see how things are done. The second, though, is at Dreamworks in the graphic design consumer
product department. It's not dealing with film as much as I would like, but it's got whole lot more opportunities for progressing within the company. I actually already heard back from Dreamworks (which is weird now that I have DREAMWORKS in my cell phone haha) Then later on in the afternoon I had another interview.... funny story time.

SO...When I first got here we were already given two assignments: create a character description, and turn in a reel of previous works. Both of which I did. "My reel", called The Closies dvd, consisted solely of my disney videos simply because that was all I had and I needed to turn in SOMETHING. So, after I turned in my reel I asked my roomies later what their reels were like. They all said they didn't turn one in since we didn't have to. My respone: "WHAT!?! we didn't have to!?!" "No they're only if you want to be considered for a director's spot". I'm stunned and embarrassed. I go to class the next day and ask my teacher "So...those haven't watched them yet have you?" he replies, "Oh the Closies, we loved the Closies" i'm turning red. Another teacher pipes in "Yeah! When I saw you come into class I was like there's the Closie girl!" redder. I then explain how I didn't realize we didn't have to turn in a reel, so my teacher told to come into his office. He was like, "So you really didn't know?" me, "Yeah, I thought we had to!" he says, "Well are you interested at all in directing, cause they're really good and we were going to ask you back for the second cut for the interview." I was shocked/embarrassed/in disbelief. It was great. That was why I had another interview this evening. It went well too! I really won't be surprised if I don't get one of the five spots available, but it's still neat I made it this far!

I'll let you know how everything pans out...

OH! 11:11 make a wish!


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