stuffed, oreos, name-tags

Ahh... sometimes, it just feels REALLY good to get completely stuffed. I haven't been able to go to the grocery store for about two weeks due to my intense filming schedule but since I'm done with that now (more about that in a minute) I had a chance to run to Ralphs (the Kroger equivalent out here). I got chat with my beloved sister-in-law and also buy so many wonderful goodies! Chicken, lettuce, spinach, feta cheese, hummus, black olives, salad dressing, pita bread, and oreos! :) I feel like I just ate about half of all that but it was completely worth it...

So! Now I'm at my apartment, typing, listening to ashley and emily's nashville playlist, smelling this great autumn apple candle, and all wrapped up in a blanket with the AC cranked up sort of pretending it's a chilly fall evening. My revere just got interrupted though by some extremely loud police car outside my window...ah... L.A...
My short film that I made! I showed it to my class on Tuesday. It went over fairly well. They said that they liked my style.. crazy pound pup you wanna ride well then hop in my truck...sorry... Jason Mraz tangent there. But seriously, they liked how colorful and happy everything was, which makes me laugh at myself that I'm that stereotypical but at the same time I love it! :) There were some issues with understanding my character's dramatic need and overall arch, but I see what they're talking about now and will hopefully make something better!
The Price is Right was not fact we were cut off from the line by TWO people!!! ahhh!!! It's ok though, we're going to try again cause, heck! i'll be out here for the whole semester! AND I also sweet talked one of the workers there into giving us those big yellow name tags with our names written on them just for kicks and giggles. I think we did make it on TV though. It was a special episode they were filming today with like three guest contestants and we were waiting outside when they pulled up and their camera guy scanned the crowd so we like freaked out and I think he got us!
Well, I guess I'll go do some homework and start brainstorming for my next mpp story...


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