Skype, Right Price, Rocky

It's currently 6:33 a.m. here in not-so-sunny yet L.A. I have technically had less than three hours of sleep, more like a nap! But it was worth it since I got to skype with my entire family! They were all in Sparta for a night so we jumped on the opportunity for my brother to provide the technical assistance needed to get my family video chatting! It was good to see them...except sad because they were eating dad's pancakes without me!!! Yes, dad is doing better, he looked good and is obviously feeling spry enough to flip some flapjacks!

Even though, it's still ridiculously early for a Saturday morning, I think I may attempt to stay awake and be productive. I'm currently in the process of editing my video that I just filmed. I've already got the opening montage finished, which is about a minute, but I still have around 4 more minutes to complete. SO much work for just a few minutes! Insane!

Exciting news! I get to go to the Price is Right on Tuesday! Cool huh!?! My roomie got free tickets so the four of us are heading out to chill with Drew Carey! I don't know what I'll do if I get on. I'm so bad with numbers and guessing prices that I would almost prefer to not get up there and spare myself the embarrassment! It's still going to be fun to watch!

Things for "Candy" are going well. We're currently getting script revisions which is turning into more ghastly characters for me to create. I'm so excited! I really am. I should probably be a bit more terrified of what an enormous responsibility I have but instead I'm just pumped and feel even more motivated because of the challenge. (Insert me doing the Rocky while jogging in place).

For right now though, I am A: going to hunt down a sweater cause it's bleeping FREEZING in the living room right now! and B: going to make an incredibly large pot of coffee... mmm :)


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