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What a day! I got up at 8-ish then heading straight over to Joe's to start filming for his short! I actually had a part in it. I played a geeky comic book loving girl that gets hit on by a jerk but then saved by a cute geek. It's funny yet slightly embarrassing but it's all good. :)
After filming Joe's I headed straight back to the apartment to be in Maggie's film. I played a quirky hippie type girl that takes her goldfish with her wherever she goes. She meets a germaphobe in an elevator and they hit it off. It's cute, slightly embarrassing, but all good.
Acting is interesting...I think I like it. It's fun to do but then slightly painful to watch yourself on screen. I'm kind of learning a lot about myself though. Like I said's interesting.
I have to pitch my next short film idea this coming Tuesday. I really really really want to do something about a little Asian girl that loves anime and dresses up like her favorite characters but gets made fun of at school but then stands up for herself in the end. Hahaha! I would love it! BUT this is my last shot for a film idea in class so I want to make sure it's one that I'll like and be able to do well.
I love you all! Thanks for reading! It's fun to know people get on here and check up on me!

p.s.- I made cupcakes!


Eric Wilkinson said...

I like your pitch idea a lot!! Choose wisely about if you would like it to be the one... ha.
p.s. I wish I had cupcakes...

The Illuminated Flame said...

PS i ate cupcakes!

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