Labor Day and Internship

As you all know, yesterday was Labor Day, and for the first time I believe in my life I'm actually going to a school that recognizes it as a holiday and gave us the day off! It was great!
My friends, Maggie, Danielle, and Penny, loaded up and drove to Malibu for a day at the beach! The sand was hot, the water was cold, and the breeze was just right. The waves were perfect too until they swiped my most beloved sunglasses off my head! I was even holding onto them and I felt them slip through my fingers... I was so sad. Oh well...
Today, however, was my first day at my internship! I am at Film Roman which is part of Starz Media. It's a small animation company that has produced shows like King of the Hill and the Simpsons. I get to be around a lot of artists and watch them work while I mainly sort through and organize all the archives of original works. I'll be pretty busy, but it's going to be neat stuff to be around!
I better go. I'm going with a group tonight to the midnight showing of "9". I haven't heard anything about this film and have no clue what it's about, but I'm going. SO, it should be interesting!


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