Piece of Cake

I had my first short film production filming today! yay! except boo....not that it went bad! it's just that I am SO tired! Here's some pics from today!

Directing takes a lot out of you! I did discover, though, that directing is not for me. I had kind of been considering directing as a direction to head towards, but after today I think I see it's not for me. I have found, however, another route that looks ten times more promising and interesting....production design!
Production designers are responsible for creating the world that the characters will inhabit, which can include setting, props, costumes, make up....everything! I really like it though!
This past week my entire class (52 of us) were divided into 5 groups where everyone has an individual job and we create a team much like a real production crew including director, producers, director of photography, etc. SO! Guess what job I was assigned.... production design!
Not only were we assigned our jobs and groups but also what scripts we would be working on this entire semester until our big premiere in December. Our script is called "Candy" and it was written by one of my new friends Jeremy Navarro (the doctor that I was putting make up on up there). It's a sweet scary horror story involving children, werewolves, creepy santas, and all sorts of jacked up fairy tale characters gone bad. I really like it. And I have to create all of it.
Insane, yet really exciting. So! You'll probably hear me talk quite a bit about this project, "Candy", as the semester progresses.


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