John Williams and Justin Timberlake

What a GREAT evening!

Tonight was the big John Williams concert, which was of course, AMAZING!!! It was totally on my list of things to do before I die (to see him in concert) and I actually did! He gave three encore performances Yoda's Theme, Star Wars opening theme, and then E.T. all after an amazing concert before.
So, as my friends and I are giddily walking down the hill around the back of the stadium, we're passing all of these cars waiting to pull out, I'm walking right next to one, look at the driver and think to myself "wow, he's really good looking, he looks sorta like Justin Timberlake." I double take, LOCK EYES with the man, then proceed to freak out because it is indeed Justin Timberlake...staring at me! Ok, not staring, but locking eyes for a good 2 seconds! THEN I see on the passenger side none other than his girl Jessica Biel! I couldn't believe it! I tell my friend. She freaks out. Then the paparazzi hears us and starts going crazy around their car! HA! oops. Sorry JT and JB.

John Williams and Justin Timberlake all in one night! Unbelievable....


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