Dancing with Hot Dogs

Today I spent from 9:30 to 6:30 at my new internship. It's going pretty good there! I'm already beginning to feel more confident and comfortable there and I think it's going to be swell, even though it was an extremely long day... Tonight, however, I was able to kick up my heels (literally)...me and the roomies went dancing! It was interesting but eventually quite fun! We kind of stuck to our little corner and did our own thing which turned out to be great! We'll have to go again!

Contrary to what the title of this blog would have you believe, we didn't really dance with hot dogs, but I did have a hot dog thrown at my car tonight. yup. This kamikaze man walking his dog started darting across the street so I didn't know if I should slam on the brakes or just slow my path and calmly give him plenty of space as I curve in front of him. I chose the latter and apparently he didn't like that so he chucked his hot dog at my car! Like I really wanted to hit him and his dog! psh! Oh well.

Other funny things happened tonight, but I'm getting too tired to tell them. Especially since I need to get up early tomorrow and
start production for my first short film that I'm directing! woo hoo and oh dear... mixed emotions.

We'll see!


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