So as you know, I've been in LA for a week but now I'm officially an LAFSC student! (which stands for Los Angeles Film Studies Center). The next two weeks are going to be all orientation stuff, which I feel that I have never needed more than now. It is seriously an adjustment to live out here. There ARE NOT Wal-Marts around every corner, I hear about 3 different languages daily, and everyone always looks completely fabulous.

I'm really loving my roommates and even all the other students in my class for that matter. They're all great and seem like genuinely cool people. It's weird to think that I'll be super close with a lot of these people by the end of the semester and most likely lifelong friends, just makes me wonder who they will be...

I should start a list of new words or phrases that I learn out here. I've actually already picked up one. "Gets me off" yeah...sounds a little weird doesn't it? can't quite help saying it without a giggle, but apparently it means you think something is cool. I.E. --- "This jacket totally gets me off!"

Well I'm going to hop on over to the all salt water pool!! eek!


Amelia said...

Gets me off...yeah, I would totally giggle. ;-P Miss ya, hope your week is going awesome!

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