My Week In California

Alrighty.... so this week.

Sunday - watched "500 Days of Summer" at a small restored theatre down the street

Monday - full day at the Huntington Beach. basically baking ourselves in the sun. watched "Rocky" 's with Greg

Tuesday - went to Hollywood and played tourist for the day! saw the walk of fame, THE sign, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, and the Kodak Center. That night, saw my first major league baseball game... the Dodgers!

Wednesday - San Diego Zoo!!! amazing.

Thursday - Huntington Beach Pier at sunset and dinner at a crab shack. perfect.

Friday - Amelia flew home :( sitting at a coffee shop (The Coffee Bean) my new favorite coffee shop! might be going out to a show tonight with my aunt and uncle.

tomorrow - i move in and meet my roommates and classmates for the first time.

basically, things are good. :)


Amelia said...

I miss you!!! I hope today went awesome! Love ya buddy!


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