$9.00, Thrift Store, Napping

I finally busted out of my apartment today... I couldn't take it any longer. I was actually getting all dolled up and ready to go to work for my "on call" shift, called to make sure they wanted me to come in....and they didn't. Instead I went to the bank and cashed in $9.00 worth of rolled coins I had stashed under my bed. I wouldn't even really call it an emergency fund since it was only $9.00 so I suppose stash or loot or bounty will have to do.

Well that trip took about 8 minutes...so I had to think fast of something else I could do to get me out of the apartment.... THRIFT STORE! I LOVE thrift stores and I remembered that I had mentioned finding some cute beach coverup equivalent to something they have at Anthropologie. Well I would say my trip was successful! A few quick and simple alterations and voila! Ok, I won't build it up too much because it may not turn out looking so good...we'll see.

Right now I'm back at the apartment, sitting on my deck, and waiting for my roommate to wake up from a nap so we can do something! .....oh me....i need a life...


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