Free bread, 911, Jazz

Hello eventful life all of a sudden!

So yesterday morning (friday) was my first day at Provence! It went really well! I had a great trainer the whole day and time just really flew by! PLUS I found out that I get to take a ton of free "waste" food that are basically untouched leftovers that are still good AND I get to take home a complimentary loaf of fresh baked bread each time i work! (which I'm eating right now) AND I get a free drink each time I work too AAAAND a 40% discount if I ever find reason to buy something from there! Sweet deal if you ask me!

After I got off work I went shopping to find some more work clothes since there is a "uniform" there. That was all nice till I was heading home waiting at a stop light when this blue jeep comes whizzing by and slams into the car to my front left which then dominos into 3 other cars! I turned on my flashers, got out and started asking people if they were alright and then dialed 911. I had never dialed it before! The people were alright just a little banged up and the guy that hit them was actually drunk. So because I saw it all I had to stick around and talk to the police to give my witness statement.

Then this morning I get a text from my roommate, Ashely, saying she was in a car accident last night on her way to Memphis. Her car flipped several times but she miraculously didn't break any bones but was just a little bruised. I couldn't believe it! So scary all these close calls... We've got some angels working overtime here.

Today I worked at Anthropologie from 5 to close so it's now 11:39, I have to be at Provence tomorrow morning at 7 work till 1 then I work again at Anthro from 2-8.... let the crazy schedules begin! Alright...well I'm going to finish my sleepy time tea turn off the jazz music (which I'm TOTALLY into right now) and hit the sack. Goodnight!


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