Baby Emma Kathryn Rager

I'M AN AUNT!!!! This is baby Emma Kathryn Rager :) she was born on August 25 around 10:30 and was 6lbs 5 oz and 20 inches long........ we're going to be best friends.

I'm in Jackson right now with my sister and the new baby. She's napping and the baby is in the nursery. I got to hold her though (obvi) and I surprisingly loved it! I'm normally terrified of babies but with baby Em it was just instant comfort and love.... :) so happy to have her in our family now! She's so precious!

Ellen in Florida

Well everyone... I have some exciting news. I am moving to Florida! That's right! Here's what happened....

A couple weeks ago...I received an email from a couple of my great friends Jeremy and Kelsey from LA. The email was titled "A Potentially Life Changing Email" and basically... it was. They basically said that no matter what they are moving from Las Vegas to Florida at the beginning of November and they would love for me to join them and really work on building the dream of running our own production company!

Jeremy writes, Kelsey produces, our friend Brandon who already lives there is a videographer, and I would do production and set design like I've been dying to do since I left LA. WELL.... I wanted to give this whole thing lots of thought and prayer just to make sure I wasn't going to rush into something just because it's available but rather because I'm really supposed to go.

So during the course of the next few weeks....Florida and Orlando just began appearing EVERYWHERE! At work, one of my co-worker's brother just moved there, another just got accepted to seminary school there, and another is going to flight school there....then about 10 other random connections and serendipitous encounters with Florida. So, I was basically thinking about it all the time and weighing the pros and cons.

This past Monday night I went to a worship service I've been regularly attending called Emanate in Franklin, is just an awesome solid time to really connect with the Spirit and worship the Father.... so the whole time during worship Florida was just really in the forefront of my mind and so I felt like the idea was really being presented to God, and the whole time I just had no doubt in my mind that this was right and basically there is no option for me to not go. :)

Tuesday I started telling my close friends and family who were all very supportive and excited for me.....except my roommates. They said that ever since I mentioned it a couple weeks ago that they knew I would go! lol oh how well they know me :)

So yeah! I'm really excited to have a goal to shoot for now and especially because I know it's where I'm supposed to go. Jeremy, Kelsey, and Brandon are just so creative and amazing, it'll be great to be back in that creative environment where we'll push and encourage each other. It's really going to be great :)

This will be another transition from Ellen in LA to Ellen in Nashville and now to Ellen in Florida! Let the new chapter begin!