Animal-crack-tella, crafts, Little Mermaid

Anyone ever tried chocolate animal crackers dipped in nutella???? de. lic. ious.... try it.

Moving on....

Today was perfectly splendid (after I got off work of course) so... let me rephrase... my day from 3 o'clock on was perfectly splendid! I walk outside to the most perfect temperature degree outside has ever known! I drive home with the windows down (partly because my AC is broken, but why put a damper on my story?) I voluntarily CHOSE to drive home with the windows down, arrived at the house, greeted one of the roomies, then immediately set up camp on my back porch for arts and crafts time! I'm talking card board, scissors, modge podge, paper mache, and creative juices! I can't tell you right now what exactly I was making... it's a surprise, but I'll post a picture later!

My point is, is just felt good to make something crafty with my hands... doesn't happen as often as I would like... NOW I'm going to make some dinner and then the roomies and I are going BACK onto the porch where we're going to project "The Little Mermaid" onto our garage and watch it outside!!! So excited!


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