Comprehensive Fall and New Orlando

Here's something funny... I kind of forgot that this blog has a link on the Union website for all the film students to follow while I was out in LA. I'm sure it was informative for them while I was out there and actually posting about the various things I did there...but since then my blog has kind of been one long tangent about just random life stuff....aka my middle school journal posts! ha! mind you...there is STILL a link to my college website for all to see! lol...oh me....anyway at least my blog will be taking a turn BACK to film topics once I move to Florida.

Tomorrow it will be exactly 8 weeks till I move....that's 56 days.... wow.... I'm so excited and pumped about going, but I also want to make sure I use my time left here really well.

I think my family and I are going to have a comprehensive Fall celebration at home. Complete with a Thanksgiving dinner, wood chopping, football games, green chili, and maybe even some mistletoe shooting (that's technically a Christmas activity, but I just really love it)

Hopefully I'll get to come back home fairly often though. There's a smaller airline in Chattanooga that does direct flights to Orlando for like $30-$50 or even $10 if you catch it early enough! Cool huh!?

This weekend is, my little roommate, Ashley's wedding. I'm so happy for her. It's going to be so beautiful and unique. Like her! Then she moves to New Zealand and then another roommate, Kim, moves to New York on Tuesday...everyone is moving to literally "NEW" places.... I think I'll start saying New Orlando from now on just to fit in...


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