Time For a Refill!

Greetings from Florida!

I'm all settled in and officially a Lakeland, Florida resident now!

I got back from my cruise on Friday the 12th. It was a good trip! I had never done a cruise before so I really excited to get to experience that. I've decided I like traveling by boat! Even though I was surrounded by an overload of touristy....crap.... it still felt neat to be participating in such an original form of travel. I liked seeing the open water, such a sense of adventure!

So now I've been in Lakeland for about 5 days now, and so far so good! Kelsey and Jeremy are great to live with. It feels like there was no lag in our friendship since I last saw them over a year ago!

Things are going really well, and I need to keep reminding myself that I haven't even been here a full week yet. I need to just enjoy relaxing and hanging out before things DO take off and I have a crazy schedule once more.

It has been amazing though to finally be able to sleep in as long as I need and actually have a door to a bedroom that I can close if I need some quiet. I sound like such a recluse! I really do like people! That's just how I recharge and refresh, which is exactly what I'm needing right now.

The hardest part right now is just missing everyone. This is two years in a row now that I haven't been around home during my favorite time of year. Fortunately I get to go home for Christmas, but it's the leading up to it that is so wonderful too. Lakeland has it's charms too though! There's actually an awesome downtown area that's really cute and fun to walk through! I can't wait for people to come visit!

Well my coffee is getting cool, time for a refill!


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