Busy, Recluse, 6 Weeks

Guess what?! I've actually been BUSY once again in my life!

It's been good to have a job again and have some sort of income :) Outback-ing has been good. I feel like a nincompoop most of the time but then there are other moments where a co-worker says I'm a rockstar and doing great! I'm definitely still learning the ropes though... I get to meet a lot of very different people each day which can be cool :)

My body is trying to figure its new schedule though. I WAS getting up at 7 before my job but now, on days like today, I slept till 11! Then I made breakfast...ate it...and took a 2 hour nap!!! I couldn't believe it! No, everyday ISN'T like that, but I sure am exhausted after every night.

I took some time today to catch up on all my best friends' blogs. I have the most amazing girls in my life :) You may know us as the Buford. It's tough not being around them, actually it's tough having hardly any friends here at all! I know that sounds pathetic... ha but I do have a great married couple for roommates and our friend Brandon and his wife that live not too far away... but other than that, it's kind of lonesome. That's kind of weird to say since I'm generally really happy as a recluse! I know this is just for a little bit longer though, and it's time that I need to be grateful for and not waste it!

So work it is! Stay productive and creative! About 6 more weeks and B is going to fly down to help me move! ALSO.... there might be plans for a day at Disney World in the works!!! :)


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