Strike Two, Home-run, Orange Beach

Strike 2....the grocery gift card turned out to just be a mass of coupons this company was promising to give me over the next year complete with a monthly membership fee.... no thanks....


HOME-RUN with the Provence job!! They want to hire me! After waiting for his call for about 2 weeks, the guy finally called me and left a voicemail that at first didn't sound very promising but then he said "So we think you would be a great fit for a position here at Provence!" HOORAY! I have a second job! This is of course very good news but then it also means crazy busy schedules to come....but then that also means some more much needed fund-age.

I've never been able to have a job that I could put money into savings with. This is new to me, but I'm really excited! I'm being careful with my money, however a recent purchase of work shoes set me back a bit SO as a test of my will to save... I shall not spend a penny until Thursday of this coming week.... ha...seriously though. I have groceries and a semi full tank of gas...I think I can make it. Honestly the only thing that threatens to be my downfall is grabbing a glorious cup of coffee at Panera....*sigh* I can do it though!

In other news... I found out this week that my family is going on vacation this summer! YAY! We used to always go to the beach every year but the past couple of years we haven't been able to, but nothing is stopping us this time! We're going to Orange Beach in Alabama!

With the beach in mind, working at Anthropologie is a constant struggle with all it's great vacation/summer/beach clothes around. However, I feel like an hour or so spent at a thrift store and a few alterations could produce some very similar and tremendously cheaper alternatives :)

Well I should probably head off to work.... 12-4 today. It's only 11:05 right now but it's been pouring rain all morning so I better give myself some time to get through traffic. Alrighty! Hope everyone is having a great day!


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