Chipper, Outback, Retirement

The results are in...... the outcome of the audition?????

It's a no go...... yup, didn't make it. But it's REALLY okay!

Kelsey (my roomie) came with me for the whole process and can testify first hand to my definite chipper-ness afterwards. Especially when we stopped at Chick Fil A on the way home :) That'll perk anyone up!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm just glad I actually followed through and went! It's something I've thought about forever and now I can say I've done it! Bravo!

Ironically, that same day I also got a call from Outback about whether or not I was still looking for a job! I got to go in the next day for a VERY thorough interview and left as a hired person! SO! I have a job!

I've got a lot of menus and drinks to memorize but I have two weeks to study until training begins. So, two weeks then I'm a working girl! I need to make the most of these two weeks. I need to wrap up the majority of my random projects I have going on because hopefully as soon as I start I'll be pretty busy!

A week after training though, I'm actually flying back to Tennessee for my Dad's retirement party. I'm really glad I get to make it back for it. It's a big deal to him, PLUS I get to see my boyfriend for at least half of Valentine's Day before I fly back to FL :)

Well, I'm going to hop off my computer now and start on some projects. Till next time!


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