Michelangelo, Chisel, Masterpiece

How nice it is to feel content...

It's just nice to let go and enjoy being where one is. Forgetting the past while simultaneously remembering who we are. It's like how Michelangelo chiseled away at the stone to reveal the beautiful figures he knew were hidden under the layers of rock. Thankfully I'm not the one manning the chisel. In fact my Sculptor taught Michelangelo everything he knows! :)

I guess as a rock it wouldn't be really fun to have rubble slowly chipped away from you in fact it probably hurts, but the end result is a beautiful sculpture that displays the Artist's work for everyone to admire. In fact, I'm sure the rock itself never imagined it could look that magnificent, but the Artist saw it's potential and spent hours and hours working with the rock and just chiseling away. Even the rock's imperfections and natural fault lines are worked into the overall result only to make it even more of a unique masterpiece.

Some rocks look down and see all the bits of themselves falling off to the ground and it thinks their world is literally crumbling around him/her, not stopping to think about how much lighter it already feels or to even look up into the confident eyes of the Sculptor. The process takes time though, but the end result is completely worth it and the handiwork the rock strongly displays only glorifies the Artist.

Chisel away Lord! :)


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