Happy, "Work", Professional

Can I just say how happy I am doing EXACTLY what I'm doing right now? :) It's a great feeling.

I wake up early and have my time with the Lord, a great start to any day in itself. Then I made some coffee, cleaned my bathroom, got dressed, and sat down to check my email. From there, I was able to go into "work" mode by answering freelance design emails, which is always gratifying to be able to talk in a professional lingo that I went to school for in an applicable, real-life situation. Now, I have a project I can work on for a couple hours, drink my coffee, and listen to Pandora as if I were in an office! Another great aspect of this is that my office can move anywhere, which usually results in any coffee shop within a 5 mile radius!

Yes, I'm happy doing what I do. It's important that I realize I am already doing my profession, instead of waiting for something BIG to happen. It's been very gradual, but I need to see that I've made it. I'm a professional graphic designer and illustrator. :) True, I start work at Outback this week, but my heart and therefore my gratification of what I do is in my projects. Outback will just be a job, that honestly I'm kind of excited to start and interact with more people! But it isn't going to be my life.

Off to get a refill of coffee! I hope everyone is having a great week so far.



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