Nomad, Super Bowl, Home

I went back and read some of my past blog posts this morning. Starting from when I first moved into the Buford house in Nashville. Man, a lot has changed since then. My life has been basically unsettled for the past 5 years. Went to college, transferred colleges, moved back and forth for 3 years, tornado, moved into apartment, moved to LA, Nashville, from apartment to house in Nashville, and now to Florida. It's become a little exhausting! I've learned a lot in each place though and it's all for a reason :)

ANYWAY reading through my past blogs made me realize how quickly my life changes. I'm thankful for each stage. SO! How about that Super Bowl! Looks like I'm rootin' for the Packers! Yup....I get to go home this week! This is exciting!

Well gotta go study a menu for my big test tomorrow! Wish me luck and say a little prayer for me too if you think about it!

Enjoy the game!


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