Valentine's, Lucky Girl, Cutest Picture

I just had the BEST weekend in Tennessee...

First off, the whole reason for me going was
so that I could attend Dad's retirement party. Which was wonderful! I'm so glad he got to have one, and am so thankful for all the firemen that threw it for him. It really meant a lot to him and it was great to see the thanks and credit given to him that he deserves.

Brandon, was able to come to Sparta for the party and then we left the next day to go hang out in Nashville for a few days. Saturday we ran some errands together which included grocery shopping for my Valentine's dinner he was planning on cooking for me the next night! :) Then we met up with his parents for some hibachi!!! Which I'm totally hooked on now... Drove back to the city and had some quality hang out time with
all our friends at the Buford! Lovely day!

Sunday I got up early so that I could go with Brandon and Allie to church at 7:00 am since they were leading worship. I loved getting to spend so much time with them both all afternoon. Then after lunch and casual window shopping in Green Hills we dropped Allie off while B and I went on to hang out at a coffee shop! Man, lots of hang out time!! But it was all so good and exactly what I wanted/needed!

THEN! We took off back to Hendersonville to B's parent's house where the Valentine's festivities began!! I'm talking.... surprise flower bouquets, pre-set dinner table, candles, wine! He made mushroom stuffed ravioli with vodka s
auce, caprese salad with homemade balsamic glaze, and of course all on plated and garnished dishes! Frank Sinatra kept us company the entire evening which might have transitioned into a little dancing :)

Yes, I had a very wonderful Valentine's Day. I am a very lucky girl.

And all I gave him was a mixed CD! HA!

I flew back on Valentine's Day. The airport was a rather sad looking place. What few people were there didn't look too pleased about it. I almost missed my flight! The schedule said it was going to be delayed, so I got starbucks and was sitting in a quieter section of the airport, far from my gate when they make an announcement that my flight was boarding even before it original time! So I'm power walking across the airport and I see my gate as they make a last call for Dorothy Kay to her flight. haha felt like Home Alone!

Now I'm back in Lakeland and had my first night of work last night at Outback! Yay for a job!

Ok... isn't this just the CUTEST PICTURE!!!!??!?!?! It makes me so happy!


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